Health Care
Basic health care is critical for all children to develop into healthy adults.
Early Care & Education
The most critical time for a child’s development is the 0-5 age.
Parent Education
Parents have the most important role in assuring that children thrive.
Youth Development
Supportive relationships bring safety, stability, and encouragement to young people’s lives.

Lynda Gavioli
Executive Director

“Coalitions help to create change when everyone around the table begins to own the problem and sees themselves as part of the solution.”
- Lynda Gavioli

Welcome to the Children’s Coalition

Since 1998, citizens like you have come together to support efforts in this region to address the issues that affect our children and challenge our families and communities.

All of us together are the Children’s Coalition. We are your neighbors–the mom and dad next door, your child’s teacher, the president of the local bank, the small business owner, your doctor, university professor, child care professional, agency social worker and your church minister.

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